AV Project modules have got the following certifications: TÜV, IEC61215, Electric ProtectionClassII EN61730-1/2 and FACTORY INSPECTION. Quality System is certified by 9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001. The Company also has obtained the certificate SOAOG9VI.

Product Certifications:
  Download PDF   |   Blown Dust and Sand
  Download PDF   |   Certificate MCS
  Download PDF   |   Certificate KIWA IEC 61215-EN 61730-1 / EN 61730-2
                                      Monocrystalline Policrystalline

  Download PDF   |   Certificate TUV Janus
  Download PDF   |   Factory Inspection AV Project srl
  Download PDF   |   Thermal Certification - Janus
  Download PDF   |   Ammonia Resistance Test
  Download PDF   |   Salt Mist Corrosion Test
  Download PDF   |   Fire Tests IEC 61730-2: 2004 Annex A
  Download PDF   |   Fire behavior class DM 26-06-84 AVP 60J
  Download PDF   |   Fire behavior class DM 26-06-84 AVP 60P

System Certifications:
  Download PDF   |   Quality System certified by ISO 9001-2015
  Download PDF   |   Environmental Management System ISO 14001-2015
  Download PDF   |   Security Management System
  Download PDF   |   Certification SOA OG9 VI
  Download PDF   |   Certification OHSAS 18001-2007

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